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    Originally established as Santa Monica School and recently expanded as Saint Monica is proven to be the right institutions for future leaders. WITH OUR DEDICATION AND EXPERIENCES SINCE 1989, WE ARE PROUD TO BE LEADER, ONE OF THE OLDEST AND THE MOST INNOVATIVE SCHOOL IN NORTH JAKARTA, INDONESIA. With more than 10000 graduates, also Indonesian Professional and Educators Award 2006 and again in 2009, our reputation is no longer being doubted.

    anakEstablished for more than 25 years ago
    Education is our affection
    Our dedication has been well preserved
    Our teachers’ skill has been sharpened
    Our knowledge has been broaden
    Our curriculum is proven and well-developed
    Our name is recognized
    Our achievements are countless and
    Graduates are thousands but we’ve never felt enough
    Development is our culture, our vision is simple
    Changing the world to be better by creating true leaders
    We grew STRONGER, WISER and BETTER each day
    Thank you for supporting and trusting us to be the leading school
    in Jakarta.