The Benefits of Homeschooling
Saint Monica Jakarta School offers a new program, Homeschooling. The benefits of this homeschooling program are :

  1. Nomor Induk Siswa Nasional (NISN)
    Students get a Nomor Induk Siswa Nasional (NISN) that is used to continue to the next level of education.
  1. Certificate of Homeschooling
    • Certificate package A for primary
    • Certificate graduation for preschool, Sistem Kelas Tuntas Berkelanjutan (SKTB)
      All of the above-mentioned certificates are valid and legitimate to be used to continue to the next level (regular school and home school).
  1. Leadership program
    Students get an online leadership program that contains:

    • VIP Program: leading prayers and absences, to be a class leader.
    • Various online competitions and trophies will be sent home.
    • Various events: mother’s day, father’s day, children’s day, fundraising, and many more.
    • School performances
  1. Curriculum
    Trusted and well-proven curriculum since 1989.

    • Using the same Curriculum and Books as our Accredited A Schools (SMJS and GMP Regular Schools)
    • USA and Singapore Curriculum for All Preschool Level plus Bahasa for K1 and K2.
    • Singapore MOE's as majority and nourished with Kemendikbud's Curriculum for Primary Level.
    • Daily English Communication.
  1. Maximizing children’s potential outside academics.
    Homeschooling gives students a chance to develop their talents outside the academic since they have plenty of time outside the school. Such as sharpening their drawing, singing, dancing, and musical talents.
  1. IT Support and Academic Support
    Homeschooling provides facilities such as IT support for parents, children, and nannies who have problems with technology. E.g. trouble for using Google Meet.
    Meanwhile, Academic support is a facility provided for children with learning difficulties.
    Our Academic Support team will help Parents to find custom made solutions for children. If necessary, Parents may also enroll in After School Tutor Program (Bimbel) at additional cost via Online Meeting.
  1. Extracurricular
    Homeschooling provides online extracurricular activities during the pandemic.

    • Colouring
    • Pianica
    • Chess
    • Taekwondo
    • Dance
    • Mandarin
    • English
    • Zumba for Kids


    • Colouring
    • Dancing
    • Singing
    • Zumba for Kids
  1. All materials are provided by the school.
    The material can be taken at school or sent home at an additional postage cost. We can send the materials to anywhere in Indonesia by post/courier services.
  1. Moral Development Program
    Saint Monica Jakarta School is a catholic school. There will be a bible study, assembly character building, and religious songs. However, those who are not Catholic are permitted to not join in. All student will still get Moral Lesson with puppet show and under Singapore curriculum.
  1. Flexible Time
    There will be choices of time for parents. Therefore, parents will be able to accompany their children during the study session.
  1. Back to Normal
    This homeschooling is a combination of online and onsite school, so after this pandemic is finished, activities such as field trips, extracurricular, class meetings will be held at school or other public places.
    For those who live outside Jakarta may/may not join the onsite programs. Instead, extracurricular and meetings can be alternated into the online approach.
  1. Parent Development Program
    Saint Monica Jakarta School will regularly hold counseling for parents and nannies in the form of webinars, seminars, or workshops.
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